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A little about us and what we do!

I started carrying out mobile SMART repairs in 2007 for a well known national franchise company. It became apparent  very quickly that I had a natural talent at repairing localised minor damage and quickly built up a very successful business in the Manchester and surrounding areas, with some very high profile corporate accounts, car dealerships and the general public.

Fast forward 10 years and my experience and skil​l has grown significantly, with every repair I undertake teaching me that little bit more about this somewhat difficult trade, not to mention the challenge of performing these repairs in all weathers with only a portable canopy to keep the infamous British weather away from the repair area!!

I now service the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Warwickshire areas with a new custom built service vehicle which now enables me to remove alloy wheels from the vehicle and carry out the repair inside the rear of the van, therefore the weather will no longer affect alloy wheel repairs. Bodywork is still carried out underneath a portable canopy and so unfortunately the weather (if extreme) can still affect these repairs and are occasionally subject to rescheduling, but we always strive to get a repair finished if at all possible.

If you are looking to have your pride and joy repaired for personal reasons, because you are wanting to sell the vehicle or maybe returning it to a lease hire company and wish to avoid very hefty poor condition charges then look no further, I offer a fast and friendly service, I am very professional in my work and I am also very competitively priced, not forgetting that the repair is carried out on your driveway at home or your work premises, no more having to drop your vehicle off at a bodyshop and find your own way back home or into work!! Take away the hassle and have the repair done at your convenience.

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