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A dent and scratch on a Mini Bonnet, the dent was repaired using a small amount of body filler and then the area was painted and blended into the factory paintwork leaving a flawless undetectable repair.

An Audi TT with a vandal key scratch made across the door panel, the scratch was removed before the panel was repainted leaving a flawless showroom finish.

A Renault Clio with a Bumper scrape caused by another careless driver whilst this owner was away shopping, 2 hours after arriving the car was back to its former glory and the customer was delighted that the work was done on their driveway at home.

A Mercedes alloy wheel that has been accidentally scraped along a kerb whilst the owner was trying to get into a tight parking space. The wheel was taken off the car, the tyre bead was broken and the repair was done professionally in the custom built repair workshop in the rear of the work van. The wheel was then put back on the car once the tyre had been re-inflated and the wheel nuts were tightened to the specified torque settings. Another delighted customer.

A Vauxhall Corsa with a rear bumper scrape, put back to its former glory in 2  hours on the customers driveway at home, the owner was delighted that he could use his car immediately after I had finished the repair.

A Toyota with a nasty crack in the rear bumper, this was repaired at the customers place of work in just over 3 hours and saved the owner having to buy a complete new rear bumper, which saved her £££££'s

A selection of wheels we have repaired

This page is always being updated - we will update this page with new before and after photo's throughout 2018.

For more examples of our previous work, please visit our facebook page by clicking the link below.

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