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Lease car return inspections can be an unsettling time....for the person who has leased the car at least!!

Lease car companies tend to charge an astronomic amount for minor damage caused to bodywork and alloy wheels, so to avoid this it is always better to see if a Smart Repairer can save you money by rectifying the damage for at lot less £££'s than what you would be charged by the lease company!!

I have had many years of experience in this field and I know exactly what you can and cannot get away with when it comes to minor scratches and dents etc etc. The fair wear and tear policy that will come with every lease car vehicle can be a little confusing as to what you can safely  label as 'fair wear and tear', so by allowing us to inspect your car, we will advise you of what is what and only quote you for the work that it is absolutely necessary.

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