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Services Offered

Below is a list of services that we can provide on a mobile repair basis


Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbs

Have those annoying kerb scrapes repaired to bring your alloy wheels back to a showroom finish again, we offer a repair service to all types of alloy wheels and for a wide range of colours and finishes. The wheels are taken off the car and the tyre bead is broken to allow a professional repair to be accomplished, it is then repaired on our custom built alloy wheel repair vehicle before being put back on the vehicle again once the paint and clearcoat has been fully baked. We are also able to offer wheel colour changes on a mobile service basis, please feel free to contact us should you have any queries with regards to alloy wheel repairs.

Bumper Scrapes & Scuffs

Another common repair are scrapes and scuffs caused to colour coded bumpers which dramatically affects the vehicles appearance. We erect a portable canopy over the car (if the weather isn't favourable) and go about repairing the affected area, the end result is a flawless showroom finish which will stay flawless for years to come due to the high quality materials and products we use, there are 'others' that can maybe do repairs slightly cheaper than us but this generally comes at a cost of quality!! We DO NOT cut corners to ensure a long lasting professional finish.

Key Scratches and Vandal Damage

Very frustrating and ​annoying when your pride and joy has been damaged by some mindless idiot, whether this be a key scratch or some other instrument used to damage your vehicles paintwork, which sadly is all too common these days!

However, there have been many cases where we have been able to repair a key scratch without the need for re-painting! there are various other methods we can use to remove or reduce the visibility of a scratch depending on the severeness of course, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are happy to call by and assess the damage to see if there are alternatives to a costly repaint. We will do our utmost to keep the work we do to a minimum to save you money.

Light Accident Damage

We are also able to repair light accident damage, which can be anything from a minor impact with another car, a parking bollard, a high kerb scrape caused to a bumper or even a dent/crease to a body panel caused by a whole manner of things, give us a call to discuss the incident and we'll do our best to advise you of whether we can help or not, even if it involves us calling by to take a look or asking you to send us some pictures for us to evaluate the damage caused.

High Quality Machine Polishing

Wear and tear, constant washing, industrial fall out, tree sap, bird droppings and bugs are some of the things that will cause the showroom shine on your vehicle to fade over the weeks, months and years whilst being used on today's roads. Sponges and other products will also cause very fine scratches which will obviously build over a period of time, again, causing the shine to fade quite dramatically, much more apparent on dark coloured vehicles and very noticeable when the sun does occasionally shine in the UK!! 

Unfortunately, a machine polisher in the wrong hands can make the matter even worse, the fine scratches may be removed but in its place ugly swirl marks and 'hologram effect' marks are left, which again look terrible, especially in sunlight.

We have had professional training in this area and we ensure the final finish is flawless whether in sunlight or not, we use very high quality buffing compounds and buffing heads of all grades to make the best of your paintwork. Once all those fine scratches and marks have disappeared we apply a high quality wax to protect your paintwork even further, when finished we will then discuss everything you need to do going forward to ensure the work we have done will last as long as possible.

Dent Removal Service

Car parking dents caused by others opening their doors into yours, shopping trolleys and many other ways doesn't always mean having to have that damaged panel repaired and repainted. With specialist skills and techniques we can remove those dents without all the fuss of body filler and paint. We have a specialist dent removal technician who removes dents all day every day on a whole manner of vehicles so you can be rest assured your vehicle is in good hands and the final result or expected result will be fully discussed with you before we start work, so there are no illusions in what to expect once the dent has been removed, depending of course on the severity of the dent.

Stone Chips

Stone chips are unfortunately a natural occurrence of wear and tear on the bodywork of most vehicles, especially at the front of the vehicle on the front bumper, bonnet and at the front of the wings. We offer a cosmetic enhancement to these to reduce visibility and most of all to protect the exposed bodywork from rusting and spreading over the affected area. 


TEL: 07837 839952 


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